The FBI Has Released Its File On Bigfoot
Back in the 1970's, a hair and skin sample were sent to the FBI for examination on whether it was from Bigfoot. Over 40 years later, the organization has released it's findings.
Bigfoot DNA Has Been Confirmed – Not Even Joking
While we've had many Bigfoot sightings and things over the years, there's never been proof. Most people are skeptics. Well, ladies and gentlemen, a team of experts in genetics, forensics, imaging and pathology have confirmed Bigfoot DNA!!! Not even joking. Not even a little bit. Keep …
Has ‘Bigfoot’ Been Spotted In Utah??? [VIDEO]
The latest possible sighting of the most elusive creature known to man may have been spotted near a campground in Utah. Yes, "Bigfoot" is believed to have been spotted by two campers in Utah after they say they mistakenly took the alleged creature for a deer.

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