A hearse driver and a funeral director have been fired after they stopped for coffee on the way to a funeral.

The problem with their pit stop at a Dunkin' Donuts is that the flag-draped coffin of 84-year-old Lt. Col. Jesse Coleman was left unattended in the back of the hearse while they made their pit stop for pastries.

A man spotted the hearse with the flag-draped coffin, and confronted the men. According to ABC News, Carpenter began to take photos and video when he noticed the driver didn't seem remorseful about his decision.

Once he shared it on the Veteran Warriors group on Facebook, the video went viral.

The hearse was driving to the service in Lecanto which was less than 90 miles away. Veterans Funeral Care President Jim Rudolph says that even though drivers sometimes stop for bathroom breaks, but someone is supposed to stay with the vehicle at all times.

However, during military transport, the hearse isn't supposed to make any stops.

When a car leaves the funeral home with a flag on it, it’s on a stage ... and we’re in ceremony mode. Going into buy a doughnut with a flag-covered casket in your coach was a terrible lack of judgement.

Rudolph declined to comment on why the driver and director were fired, rather than suspended.