An Iowa teen, Rachel Bird, wanted to take New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow to her senior prom, but things didn't work out like she hoped they would. Bird asked Tebow via Twitter to escort her to prom, but when she got no response from the NFL star, "Plan-B" kicked-in. With no date just days before the big night, Bird had no choice but to do the next best thing, and that was get a life-size cardboard cutout of Tebow for her date. The teen said that she pursued Tebow because they have a lot in common. Not only are both superior athletes, she is also a devote Lutheran and admires Tebow for his faith. Bird also says that the star Quarterback is not bad looking either.

Bird says that her friends are predominately males, and they all had dates for the senior prom, thus she was left with no one to escort to prom. Jokingly, Bird told friends that she may bring a cardboard cutout of Tebow to prom as her date and she says that's when her friends encouraged her do it!! The rest is history.





The teen's mom was skeptical of the idea at first, but later admits that she was glad to see her daughter step out of her shell. The cutout was assembled by Bird and her dad on the day of the prom. Bird's dad, Bob, even allowed the cutout to borrow a few sprays of his favorite cologne.

As prom season comes to an end, its actually very cool to see a teenager make the best of her situation. Rather than go alone, this young lady did the unthinkable, and stepped out of her proverbial "comfort zone." Lesson learned, if anyone is single next year for senior prom, feel free to make a cutout of favorite Hot 107-9 DJ and take us with you to prom. On the other hand, just call us and  maybe we will end up just going with you!!!




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