A high school student in Moore, Oklahoma says that he was suspended from school because of the shirt he wore to school supporting "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." The shirt, which he got from a Twin Peaks restaurant,  read "Save The Scenic Views."

Jermey Alexander, who is a junior at Southmoore High School, says that school officials asked him to remove the shirt he had on, but he refused. He says that the message on the shirt was to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, and that he did not intend to offend anyone when he elected to wear the shirt to school. School officials disagreed.

Alexander's peers were left perplexed when he was sent home last week because they say the school was selling selling shirts that read "big or small save them all" and "save second base." All promoting Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The principal of the school says that no student was suspended and that they were simply sent home for the day for wearing the shirt. The principal also acknowledged that such shirts were being sold at the school, but are no longer for sale.

What do you think about the students not being allowed to wear the shirts that read, "Save The Scenic Views?" Is offensive or is not that big of a deal? Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.