'Money Boo Boo' has decided to team up with Hot 107.9 and is going to be using all of that hard earned pageant money to pay YOUR bills for the rest of the year! With all of her hard earned cash we're gonna pay your gas bills, electric bills, school loan bills or even, yes, we will even pay for that mysterious "movie charge" from your last hotel stay.. well, actually, probably not that, but we WILL pay your bills - up to $2,500 per month - for the rest of 2012.

Think of the possibilities of what you can do with all that extra cash--you could be like Oprah for Christmas this year and shower your friends and family with gifts. You can put it towards that dream getaway vacation, or just blow it on partying -- all courtesy of 'Money Boo Boo' and Hot 107.9!

But the real question on your mind is, how exactly are you going to line your pockets with this money?

Just keep your radio tuned to Hot 107.9 every weekday during the 7am, 12noon, 5pm and 8pm hours and listen for the 'Money Boo Boo' sounder as your cue to call- (trust us, you'll know it when you hear it!)  When you do hear it, be caller #7 to qualify!

Listen to the 'Money Boo Boo' Sounder

Every qualifier is gonna pick up a little something extra from Hot 107.9, and then we're going to ask you to join us at our 'Money Boo Boo' Pay Your Bills Grand Prize Drawing Party to choose the grand prize winner who will be taking home the 'Money Boo Boo' piggie bank, and getting their bills covered for the rest of 2012.

Oh, but wait- 'Money Boo Boo' wants to give you even MORE chances to win her coveted pageant money, so you can also register via our Friends with Benefits VIP club, or just by showing up at the grand finale event and registering to be one of our seven last minute qualifiers!

Be here, Hot 107.9 Monday morning (Sept. 10th) for your first chance to qualify and don't forget to check out the completely boring, but completely necessary contest rules below.

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