Lafayette Police are asking motorists to avoid the area near I-10 and I-49 after an 18-wheeler struck the overpass bridge.

UPDATE (1-4-22 9:07 p.m.)

One lane is now open on I-10 eastbound at I-49 (Evangeline Thruway).

UPDATE (6:21 p.m.):

Sgt. Robin Green with the Lafayette Police Department says the I-10 Eastbound overpass bridge at Evangeline Thruway (I-49) will be closed for the remainder of the night on Tuesday (Jan. 3) and two out of the three northbound lanes of Evangeline Thruway will also remain closed.

We will update this post when more updates are available on Wednesday (Jan. 4).


I-10 Eastbound is currently shut down near I-49 after authorities noted structural damage was caused to the overpass due to an 18-wheeler colliding with the bridge while traveling northbound on Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette.

Eyewitnesses reported "debris and cement falling onto the roadway beneath the overpass bridge" as DOTD responded to the scene for further inspection. Images shared by DOTD secretary Shawn Wilson, Ph.D. gave a closer look at the extensive damage beneath the I-10 E overpass bridge.

Eastbound traffic is currently being diverted southbound on I-49 and police are asking motorists to stay clear of the area until further notice.

We will continue to update this story as we receive more confirmed information.

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