What a wild 2019 free agency season for the NFL.

If you are a fan of the NFL and you follow the free agency season you already know that this has been a wild start to the 2019-20 football season.

Players are on the move and they are getting paid well---really well. With that said, I started to think about it this week, will I ever really invest in another player's jersey?

For years, I have always purchased a new jersey at the start of the year. Then I realized that I have FIVE jerseys of players that are NO LONGER on the team of the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, I love the Cowboys.

Jerseys are expensive and you wear them a handful of times throughout the football season. But with players on the move these days, is it really worth the investment?

I am beginning to think that it is not. Players are no longer loyal to organizations and NFL organizations are no longer loyal to their star players.

For example, did anyone really see the New York Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns? Sure, there were rumors, but who saw this coming a year ago? Certainly not the fan who paid $100 or more for his Giants jersey.

Sure, you can still wear a player's jersey after they are gone, but that's just not my thing. After all, I haven't even considered wearing my Tony Romo' jersey since he was forced to retire from the Cowboys.

So how much longer do we spend our hard-earned money on NFL jerseys if players just continue to bounce around the league while chasing "the bag?"

For me, I may be done. Even your "franchise players" aren't safe these days.

Invest wisely.