An Iberia Parish Sheriff's Deputy is on administrative leave after video surfaced of an incident during the Sugarcane Festival this past weekend. The original video was allegedly posted to YouTube by user ReelTalkOnTheAir with the following caption:

Iberia Parish Police used club on Black man and slams girl after Sugarcane Fest Party on Hopkins St in New Iberia, La

Reactions to the video via social media have been mixed with some feeling the officer was out of line after footage appeared to show the deputy using force on a suspect who was allegedly detained and seated in handcuffs. Some others feel that it is necessary for police to use this type of force for their own protection given the danger involved in their line of work.

According to KATC, the incident and the deputy's actions are under investigation.

Based on what YOU see in the video, do you think the officer's actions were out of line?