I think I say that we have all been to Hub City Diner at least once in our lifetimes.

I can remember going there on Kid’s Night and getting a hamburger in a car (I just thought this was the coolest thing ever!) and getting a balloon creation to go. Of course, if I had been good that week I got to choose a song to play on the Jukebox. Growing up this was my favorite night of the week.

It was recently announced that Hub City Diner will be sold but don’t fret the new owner is someone we know well. The longtime manager of Hub City Diner, Jason Redmon, will be taking over in January.


It has always been Jimmy Guidry’s plan to sell the business to Jason Redmon, but the timing was not right. They originally planned to make the deal happen at the end of 2020 but the pandemic caused it to be postponed. However, now that the craziness of the pandemic is somewhat behind us all, Jason Redmon is ready to take the business over and no longer feels nervous about the transition.

When Guidry first came to own the iconic restaurant he didn’t even own a set of keys when he walked in for his first day of work. He quickly bumped into Redmon and the two became friends.

"I didn't know his name, but he was handling the money, so I trusted him," Guidry said with a laugh. "I needed help, and he was my help."


While talking about taking over the famous diner Redmon became emotional saying, "It's prideful because I've dedicated my life here, And to see this come to fruition is a real gift."

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Hub City Diner has been open since 1990 and includes a local twist on diner classics, friendly service, and fair prices. The idea to open a 50’s themed restaurant came from a few names local residents may know, Charlie Goodson, Chef Pat Mould, and food blogger George Graham. Jimmy Guidry came to own the restaurant in 1998 and had previously only eaten there once before signing the paperwork to take the business over. Since then Guidry and Redmon have worked tirelessly to make Hub City Diner what it is today, a Lafayette staple.

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