The 2020 Presidential Election is one of the biggest elections in recent history and there are plenty of first time voters who will be hitting the polls to cast their votes. One thing that new voters, along with everyone else who casted votes, are curious of - when exactly will we know who won the election???

This Twitter post by the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, a non-partisan network dedicated to increasing the student vote, posted this simple and helpful graphic to explain when we all all know who won the election. Check out the post below @SLSVCoalition

As the graphic reads, more people have voted by mail this year than any other election. Add the highest expected voter turn out of any election to that and you have an election that will take more time than usual to calculate.

All of this information boils down to one thing - we will all need to be very patient when it comes to the 2020 Presidential Election results.

Now, I know plenty of Americans will be glued to their televisions tonight to find out who has won. But, be prepared to find out the final results tomorrow or even later in the week.

After all, no presidential election has EVER been called on the night of the election.

Once again, whether the candidate you support wins the election or not, please treat others with differing views with respect and understand that we are all united as one in America no matter who is President!

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