***UPDATE [3:51pm]: Brian Downing, the alleged Alabama Teabagger, has turned himself in. Click here for more details.

With the viral explosion of the Alabama-LSU Teabagging video, it was only a matter of time until the infamous 'teabagger' would be identified. I'm almost certain that today is that day. Deadspin.com has been hot on the Bama Teabagger's trail ever since they introduced the viral video on their website and based on their research, I'm pretty convinced that they may have found their man.

We're leaving his last name off for now, but two different sources emailed us identifying the same Brian; one provided the photos you see here and gave us Brian's phone number, address (it's not Phenix City, it turns out, but nearby), the name of his wife, and the sporting goods store where he supposedly works, Hibbett Sports. The Facebook profiles for both Brian and his wife have been pulled, but we found this photo lurking in Bing's cache (recall the tipster who ran into Brian and his "3 month old baby" at The Rusty Nail in New Orleans)

[See More via Deadspin]

If you notice, the guy in the photos is wearing the same watch as the guy in the video. There are tons of other arrows pointing in his direction as well along with tips from anonymous sources that all match up. I personally think this is the guy. Check out the rest of the details now at Deadspin and tell me if you think 'Brian' is the infamous Alabama Teabagger.

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