Crawfish are delicious but the smell can sometimes linger on your hands for days. You wash them and the smell stays. You shower, still there. You try lemon and vinegar and although those things help rid you of the trail of the crawfish tail, if you bring your hands up to your face there's still a slight smell of crawfish.

On a recent visit to Crawfish Time on Ridge Rd., and about 10 pounds of crawfish and potatoes later, I just figured I'd walk out of there wearing crawfish on my hands and clothes for the next three days...until I used the bionic soap they have at the washbasin.

Crawfish Time, Facebook
Crawfish Time, Facebook

After one wash and a rinse...nothing! No smell to take to the car. No crawfish leftovers hiding in the cells of my hands and arms...nothing! It was like I'd not been there and I'd not had 10 pounds of crawfish and potatoes (I refuse to wear gloves).

The soap they use is called Shell Shock. According to, Shell Shock uses natural cleaning power that includes walnut shells.

Shell Shock is a heavy-duty industrial hand cleaner that utilizes the natural cleaning power of soy solvents and abrasive walnut shells to clean the toughest grime and grease.

The company boasts the fact that Shell Shock is "environmentally-conscious" and it won't dry out your skin even in the winter. So it's not just for the removal of crawfish juice and smell from your hands after a visit to your favorite restaurant for crawfish or a backyard crawfish boil but for grease and other nasties as well.

I've lived in South Louisiana all my life and have enjoyed crawfish since I had teeth and I've never had a product that washed the crawfish aftermath as well as Shell Shock and left my hands smelling like spiced apple.

(This is not a commercial for the product and the company has no knowledge of these claims.)

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