If you are driving around Acadiana, you will notice that in the last ten years, there has been an explosion of roundabouts that have been built in various communities.

The debate is never far away. Some people LOVE roundabouts and other people despise them. Some people say they are too confusing.

For those people that love roundabouts, they say it makes traffic move much more quickly and efficiently.

The Hulk Roundabout
Facebook via Mark Stone

Remember when someone drove into the roundabout in Youngsville in October of 2022? There were so many memes of the situation showing off Acadiana's creativity that we actually covered it as a story.

Some people do complain that plenty of our Acadiana drivers don't have any clues on how to drive in a roundabout, like stopping in the middle of the roundabout, or not understanding when it's safe to proceed.

Several years ago at the Henderson exit on the westbound side of the roadway, a roundabout was built to help the flow of traffic.

The signs in the middle haven't been up as long. We have contacted authorities to see what happened to the signs.

Today we did receive some pictures of the destruction of some of the signs in the center of the roundabout which begs the question, "Did someone drive into the roundabout?"

Here's what it looks like now:

Henderson Roundabout Destruction of Sign
Photo courtesy via Brandon Miller
Signs at Roundabout at Henderson
Brandon Miller Photo Used by Permission

This is the same roundabout that has frustrated many citizens as flooding has been an issue with it since it was created. According to Deidre Druilhet with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, a new project may help to alleviate flooding in this area.

Yes, Someone Drove Into the Roundabout

We spoke to officials with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office who say a suspect was fleeing down I-10 westbound when they decided to take the Henderson exit.

Major Ginny Higgins tells us that a deputy tried to make a traffic stop on I-10, and the suspect decided they would flee.

As they were speeding, they drove through the roundabout causing all of the damage.

A suspect was arrested after this all unfolded at around 2:30 Monday morning.

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