Shoppers in a Houston, Texas Walmart store got quite the show as police officers chased a suspect through the store they were in.

In a video posted by Grizzy's Hood News, you see officers follow a vehicle to the front entrance of the store, and soon thereafter, officers enter Walmart.

According to the social media page, officers were in pursuit of a suspected car thief and he took police on a unique chase through the store.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The suspect thought that he could weave his way through the store and escape authorities, but they catch up to him as shoppers walk past them. The officers were able to take their suspect into custody and no one in the store appeared to be injured in this bizarre foot pursuit.

This video is just another reminder that you should always be aware of your surroundings while out in public. You never really know who or what is around the corner.

Check out the viral video from the Texas Walmart below.


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