We're well into July, and across the state, which means the new school year is coming up fast. We know the kids are feeling the looming school year, but so are the teachers

As teachers prepare for the school year, they begin to take stock of what they need. Tragically, they end up paying a good bit out of pocket for basic supplies as well as unique touches to make their classroom a comfortable space for students, and while it doesn't go unappreciated, it is definitely something that we can help with.

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Every year, there is a movement on social media to help teachers #ClearTheList - that is, help them pick up the things they need in their classrooms without having to pay so much out of pocket. This year, we want to give them a hand and share as many of those lists as possible, and we'd love to see these teachers fill up their classrooms.

We asked on Facebook, and y'all answered.

The #ClearTheList movement is not a formal event, but every year, folks all over social media pitch in to help teachers in need. If you check out the hashtag on social media, you'll find a lot of teachers who are looking for as much help as they can get.

And if you or someone you know is a Lafayette teacher who is not on this list, tell them to go to our social media page and comment on this story with their list. Let's help all our Lafayette teachers #ClearTheList.

Kellie Raxsdale, Carencro Elementary
Vanessa Savoy, Carencro Elementary

Amber Kemmerly-Louviere, Comeaux High

Bobbi Porter, David Thibodaux STEM
Jordan Gaspard, David Thibodaux STEM
Karma Lindon, David Thibodaux STEM
Julee Hatcher, David Thibodaux STEM
Charlie West, David Thibodaux STEM
Lerri Cockrell, David Thibodaux STEM
Jodi Heshmaty, David Thibodaux STEM
Shelly Breaux, David Thibodaux STEM
Derek Menard, David Thibodaux STEM

Krystle Meaux, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Tana Conley, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Amalie Bourque, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Jodie Landry, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Claire Dubois, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Mallory Landry, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Jessica Wallis, Ernest Gallet Elementary
Jordan Tinney, Ernest Gallet Elementary

Kacy Lyons, J. Wallace James Elementary

Cassie Mouton, L. Leo Judice Elementary

Noni Robert, Lafayette Charter

Tammy Kibodeaux, Lafayette Christian Academy
Melissa Doucet, Lafayette Christian Academy

Chris Mahler, Milton Elementary Middle
Kristine Villien, Milton Elementary Middle School

Hailey Buteau, Ossun Elementary

Layna Gauthier, Prairie Elementary
Raegan Abshire, Prairie Elementary
Chelsey Dugas, Prairie Elementary
Terrin Eliz, Prairie Elementary
Kristen Delahoussaye, Prairie Elementary
Sarah Turner, Prairie Elementary
A.B. Conques, Prairie Elementary
Missy Wallis, Prairie Elementary

Melissa Douet, Scott Middle
Traci Ella, Scott Middle

Janvier Guidry, Westminster Christian Academy
Lisa Menard
, Westminster Christian Academy
Leigh Ann Hebert, Westminster Christian Academy

Summer Champagne, Woodvale Elementary
Karen Angelle, Woodvale Elementary

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