J.Dash is a busy man these days, with numerous TV appearances and live performances in support of his new album 'Tabloid Truth', to being buried in the studio behind the boards and shooting the music video for his latest single. 'Transformer' is the follow up single to J.Dash's smash hit 'Wop' and the video is super futuristic, set in the year 2099.

J. Dash is out to prove that he's no one-hit wonder with the futuristic video for new single Transformer, off his Tabloid Truth album. It's set in 2099, when rap and YouTube are not allowed by the government. J. Dash must restore social media with the assistance of his "transformer," singer Lara Johnston (daughter of Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers).

[via USAToday]

Speaking on a personal level, J.Dash is one of the most talented individuals I have had the chance to work with and it's great to see his work paying off. In a music industry where quantity normally overrules quality, J.Dash is finding success by sticking to his guns and putting out what he truly feels is good music, instead of simply 'what sells.'

Everyone is making fast-food music right now. People eat it, and it fills them up for five minutes. I want music that sticks to your ribs." Or at least makes you move your feet.


Check out more on J.Dash and his musical journey by reading the full USA Today article here. Also, after watching his official music video for 'Transformer' below, be sure to scope out the behind the scenes video here as well.

J.Dash - 'Transformer' (feat. Lara Johnston) [Official Video]

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