Things can get a little overwhelming when you go from the lifestyle of an average 15 yr old high school sophomore to the lifestyle of one of the most popular people in your city, recognized LITERALLY everywhere you go. This is "life" as of late for recent American Idol castoff, Jacee Badeaux. Jacee wowed the judges, as well as America with his New Orleans audition that gave him the ticket to Hollywood and once he got there, the wowing continued. At only 15, Jacee's voice has been described as

"pure", "angelic", "soothing" and "just plain good." It's a voice that almost got Jacee into the top 24 of American Idol, but unfortunately he was voted off before that could happen. Even though Jacee didn't make it to the next level on Idol, many are optimistic about his future. Barely 24 hours after a trip to perform for Ellen on her show, we had the chance to sit down with Jacee to talk about his "Idol Experience" along with the obstacles that came with it, as well as his future plans with Idol, singing, Mardi Gras and which class he skipped to come and hang with us !!!

BONUS: Check out the behind the scenes video of our interview with the talented Jacee Badeaux and Digital's less than perfect videography skills in the video below !!!

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