What's the chances that you get robbed while on TV talking about how frequent people get robbed? Well, that actually happened! During a live news cast, a woman becomes the victim of a chain snatching thief. The crazy part is, she's doing a live interview about how bad robberies are in that area.

The thief runs up behind her and grabs right at her neck. It happens so fast I don't know if he got the chain or not. The news guys does take off after the thief and that's where the interview ends.

So many questions that I need answered. Was this all a set up? How bold can you be to run up on someone on live TV and snatch a chain? Was this staged to get the police more involved? Did they catch the thief? Is it really that bad when you just don't care if you are seen in daylight?

You see, too many unanswered questions! LOL!!