Jared Cook is currently getting dragged by Saints fans on social media for comments that he made about the Saints wide receivers room.

If there's anything that Saints fans remember about former New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook, it likely has more to do with him losing the ball than hauling it in. Cook and the Saints parted ways during free agency which allowed the tight end to find a new home with the Los Angeles Chargers. During an interview on Tuesday (June 15) Cook had a very blunt message when it came to his former team vs. his new team.

Just seeing the talent we have here at receiver, it’s just as good, probably better talent here than we had in New Orleans.

If you're a Saints fan, your eyebrows are probably raised right now—especially when you consider that Cook's legacy could be that costly fumble while we were up a touchdown late in the third quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs last season.

While New Orleans' wide receiver room may be a bit unproven beyond the guy wearing No. 13, I don't know if Jared Cook is the guy that Saints fans want to hear talking about talent.

The truth is, the Saints definitely have to address the position, especially in an offense that still doesn't know who will be under center as Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill battle for the starting QB position. While I do believe Jameis may be the best candidate for the position, each quarterback offers something that the Saints haven't seen in a while at the position—a big arm.

Both Winston and Hill may open up new opportunities for speedsters like All-Pro Deonte Harris and guys like Tre'Quan Smith and Marquez Callaway who definitely need to make an impact this season in order to take their game (and the team) to the next level.

Saints fans weren't hesitant to bring that point up either.

Compared to the Chargers, it's hard for the Saints to make any real argument at the receiver position beyond Keenan Allen and Michael Thomas. One key factor to keep in mind is that teams on paper don't always (if ever) compare to those same teams on the field. Ironically, the Chargers new play-caller Joe Lombardi (former Saints QB coach) failed to maximize a talented group of receivers in Detroit, so the jury is still out on what he will be able to produce with second-year quarterback Justin Herbert.

At this point, there are a whole lot of hypotheticals, not to mention, it's WAY too early to make any calls—which is why Jared Cook needs to pump the brakes with any early hot takes.

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