The Jeff Davis Parish School Board is giving students and parents more options as they begin to shop for school uniforms, at least as far as the shirt colors are concerned.

According to a message posted on the district's website from the superintendent, all students in the parish will now be allowed to wear navy blue uniform polo shirts in addition to the white or hunter green shirts that were previously approved.

Additionally, the message states that students may wear another color specific to their school at times approved by their principal:

...each community was allowed to choose an additional school pride color worn at the principal’s discretion. Lacassine, Lake Arthur, and the Welsh communities have chosen the color red; Hathaway and Fenton have chosen royal blue while the communities of Elton and Jennings have chosen maroon.

The addition of the shirt colors extends to socks, belts, sweatshirts, jackets and other specified apparel. Students may now also wear appropriately colored quarter-zip jackets and leggings under their skirts.

For the Jeff Davis Parish Dress Code Update for 2018-19 as it applies to the district as a whole, visit their website or click here.

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