It's almost as if Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is looking for reasons to make his team the laughing stock of the NFL. I truly feel bad for Cowboys fans, because in addition to not winning a playoff game since Bill Clinton's first term in office, it seems as if this guy goes out of his way to focus on everything BUT what matters most - winning.

In his latest venture, Jones goes by the name of 'Hip Hop Jerry,' and busts a rhyme for Papa John's. Let's not even ask the obvious question: "What the hell was Jerry thinking?" What I wanna know, is "What the hell was PAPA JOHN'S thinking???"

But it all makes sense.

In this blinged out comedic masterpiece, Jerry Jones is rapping/promoting Papa John's Cowboys 5-Star Combo - a large pizza with up to five toppings and a two-liter bottle of soda. Trust me, I know the old saying goes "any publicity, is good publicity," and the geniuses behind this stunt were fully aware of how much negative attention this would get. Attention = Money, and we all know that Jerry knows how to get dollar bills - even at the cost of his Cowboys fans' embarrassment.

As I'm sure many Dallas fans are indeed facepalming at Jerry's latest antics, feel free to post this on any Cowboys fans' Facebook wall. Chris Reed is the biggest die-hard fan I know, and subsequently, his wall was the first to get treated.

"How bout' them Cowboys?"


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