Photos that purport to be the untouched images from Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein photo shoot have revealed plenty of interesting "enhancements."

Not only was the pop star blessed with body hair and bigger muscles, according to reportedly untouched photos acquired by the crew that edited the shots from Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot gave him quite the—ahem, "bulge."

See the magical transformation for yourself.

Earlier this week, many were comparing Bieber's CK shoot with those of Nick Jonas and Mark Whalberg, but one can only imagine if they had to have the same "enhancements" added to their physique.

Who knows, someone may have actually photoshopped Bieber's photos to purposely make it look like the featured images were enhanced, in an elaborate scheme to make the world laugh at his seemingly small package and his hairless body.

Check out the photo above and tell us what differences you see? Do you think its a hoax?

[via Defamer]