Justin Bieber gets together with his homeboy Drake to record ‘Right Here’ in the studio and more in this behind-the-scenes footage of the singer while he puts ‘Believe’ together.

The Biebs and Drizzy are dancing in front of the board, grooving to their song. They know they’re making magic happen and their moves show it.

In the rest of the clip, the Biebs reveals that he likes to keep it light while in the studio, by playing ping pong and making sure to skateboard and hob knob with the Beliebers who undoubtedly find him even when he is recording.

Note: You may want to turn down the volume on your speakers when the Biebs takes off his shirt to skateboard on a half-pipe in front of his adoring fans several minutes in. They shriek at the fit singer, who says he is getting swaggy with his board.

There is also footage of him recording ‘Die In Your Arms,’ taking direction from the producers (about pulling back on a mic when recording) and noshing on catering. He calls out the song for its old school, Motown-like sound. Uh, yeah, we said that exact same thing in our review!

The Biebs is also swagging it on the basketball court for a photo shoot, does some intense some choreo, has a birthday cake in the studio, after recording ‘Believe,’ and generally gives Beliebers a glimpse into a few days in the life.

Watch Justin Bieber + Drake Recording ‘Right Here’ + More