Justin Bieber stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about his Selena Gomez inspired music and those infamous naked paparazzi photos.

Let's be honest, you only clicked on this post to hear what the Biebs has to say about is accidental full frontal photo shoot, I mean, that's why I made this post in the first place. But, to be fair, it's pretty cute to hear JB talking about Selena being the inspiration for "What Do You Mean"," Sorry", and the yet to be heard, "Mark My Words".

I can't decide if all of this talk of Selena on The Ellen Show is just a way to pique peoples interest in his new album... no, I take that back, it's totally a way to get people talking the few days leading up to Purpose. I don't hate it though, the more Bieber in my life the better.

Oh, and his acoustic version of "Sorry" during the interview is on point.

Ok, now that we've gotten through all the sappy "I'll love Selena forever" nonsense we can get to what's really important. Justin Bieber's junk. Yes, I do still have a picture of those paparazzi pics on my phone, and until I get a new phone that picture will stay right where it is.

Clearly, Justin isn't too upset over the whole thing, because his "thing" wasn't looking too bad, and even he agree's! That's what's up Bieber, you be proud of those pics.

[via The Ellen Show]