One family in Vermilion Parish got a huge surprise, just in time for Father's Day weekend.

Antonio and Nakia Loston delivered their baby girl, Aura, in their living room in Kaplan after being sent home from the hospital.

It was quite a 24 hour journey for the Loston family. They sat down with KLFY for an interview before Father's Day, explaining their remarkable birth journey from start to finish.

Nakia spent most of her day at a local hospital, with contractions coming very quickly. She says even though her contractions were frequent, the hospital says she wasn't dilated enough so they sent her home to Kaplan.

Sharon Mccutcheo
Sharon Mccutcheo

When Nakia and Antonio stepped foot in their house, her water broke. Immediately. They knew they didn't have time to drive 30 minutes back to the hospital, because baby Loston was on the way. After some well-understood nervousness for both mom and dad, eventually, little miss Aura made her way into the world with no issues.


The ambulance came soon after, just to make sure mom and daughter were safe and to get them checked out in the hospital.

As Father's Day 2022 is now in our rearview mirrors, Antonio is gushing with excitement and gratitude that his family and newest baby girl are happy and healthy.

“It’s definitely a good Father’s Day gift. It’s always a blessing with kids. All fathers out there, I definitely tip my hat off to us dads who are not just doing the bare minimum but always going that extra mile.”


Congratulations to the new family of four. I'm sure it's a Father's Day they will never forget.

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