As if fighting over the divorce wasn't bad enough, now they want to put this bad boy on TV!  According to TMZ, Kris Humphries' lawyer want to put the entire trial on television, so they can PROVE that Kim had no intention of staying married to him. I have never asked this before, but why would you marry someone if you DIDN'T plan on staying with them?  Well the duo thinks that Kim was just trying to boost ratings for her reality show(If you ask me, I think that is kind of selfish).

Don't be TOO quick to judge though, because remember Kim filed for divorce based on,

irreconcilable differences."

If you think about it, why would Kim Kardashian go through all the trouble of marriage if she was NOT going to stay with him?  TMZ has learned that the prenup is extremely complicated and long and I don't think any female would do all of that just so she could get a divorce (makes sense unless you REALLY want a divorce).  This gives Kim some leverage, but Kris is not helping his situation one bit.  First off he wants the marriage annulled, based on fraud.  Ok there is a couple of problems with this, how about we start of with YOU PROPOSED! If you are calling your marriage a fraud and you doesn't exactly look very good for you sir.  It doesn't happen like that all the time, but 8/10 says if your the one that popped the question..... more than likely your the guilty one.  Plus if this is a fraud, the ONLY one that really got the benefits from this marriage would be him.  I hate to put anyone on a stage, but being with Kim Kardashian basically made Kris Humphries.  Being married to her has made him more famous and marketable than ever, not to mention he was probably making millions more just by being with her.
Now I could be wrong.......they could really have some awesome leverage, but I'm not seeing it.  In the meantime based on all of this, I am SO team Kim Kardashian!

So Kris wants the marriage annulled based on fraud........take a look at the video, get the scoop, and you be the judge.


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