If Kim Kardashian is trying to throw people off the scent about her supposed relationship with rapper Kanye West, wearing gold earrings with his initials isn’t the way to do it. The marketing socialite was snapped wearing simple gold earrings in a “K” and “W.” Her middle name is Noel, so it’s not like she is sporting her own initials.

Kimye or Kandashian — whatever you want to call ‘em, have at it — were spotted in New York City on April 21, doing very date-like things, such as noshing on ice cream, according to The Boombox. Kim returned to her native Los Angeles on Sunday, April 22, a la carte. She was photographed with her long brown her pulled back into a ponytail, her Kanye’d ear in full view.

The couple has yet to confirm that they are actually a couple, since she is in the midst of a high profile divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries after a whole 72 days of marriage and a massive wedding that many considered a publicity stunt.

If Kardashian and West have indeed upgraded their friendship to coupledom, they’d be perfect for each other. Just think of the closets, as both have are clotheshorses and are fashionable.

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