Krispy Kreme and his sidekick Money Maker Mike are back with another hit. If you missed their debut 'The Baddest' then you need to step up your game and get down with the hottest rising act in hip-hop, ASAP. The duo found time during Mother's Day to drop this club banger, going out to all the "haters" who wanna be like Krispy Kreme.

Yep, you heard right. The haters. Ever since he dropped 'The Baddest,' they all wanna be like Krispy Kreme. The new track features artist cred for KK's sidekick Money Maker Mike, even though he still maintains his intimidating hard-ass silence just as we saw in their debut. Worry not friends, Krispy Kreme's raps about front flips, anacondas and "being shot 500 times" is enough to carry the weight in what is sure to be another hit.

ball so hard, record labels wanna sign me. life is a race, and everybody's behind me.

- Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is officially the best worst funniest rapper alive.

Krispy Kreme & Money Maker Mike - 'Haters Wanna Be Me'

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