When one Lafayette bride-to-be said "I do" she had no idea the date chosen for her most special day would fall on the exact same day as the LSU-Bama game.

Her wedding date was set back in early December, and after changing the date three times, November 8, 2014 was the only date where everything (church, hall, photographer, etc.) was available. The couple—who both also work every other weekend—was so pressed on finding a date that worked, they never even had a chance to consider looking up local sports schedules.

Invitations were sent out and all their friends seemed to be excited for their big day—until they realized the wedding fell on the same date where they LSU Tigers were set to face the SEC rival Alabama Crimson Tide.

Once she sent out the Save The Dates in May, It didn't take long for people who originally said they were attending to, all of a sudden, say they weren't coming anymore. Others who still chose to attend once they realized the wedding was on the same day as LSU-Bama whined about it, asking if there would at least be a TV available for people to watch the game.

Since the bride refused to have a TV at the reception on her big day, invitees began asking if it would be O.K. if they followed the game on their phone during the wedding. At one point, the bride-to-be had enough, taking to Facebook to vent her frustrations:

Alright people I'm going to rant a bit. I know our wedding is on the LSU/Bama game. Did we choose for that to happen, no, it's just the day that everything lined up for us. I went to LSU, I'm a huge fan, ------'s sister and brother in law went and are huge fans, but yet we are all still choosing the wedding. They play every year, we will only get married once. It's the 21st century and everyone has smart phones to keep up with the game and dvr to watch the game at a later time. We will also be having our DJ announce the scores. Will there be a tv at the game? NO because this is a wedding and not a football party. We understand if you can't make the wedding, cool we get it, but choosing a 4 quarter football game that happens every year is just rather hard to take in. If Lsu wins or loses this game, it will not put them any higher up for a better bowl game, that's just the facts. Sorry if I offend anyone in this. If you won't be there, sorry you missed it and for the ones that will, get ready to party because it will be a blast!!! Rant over, Bridezilla is off of her soap box!

I totally understand how important sports are to a lot of people—especially in the South. As a matter of fact, its very common for people to plan events and dates around big sporting events—and don't quote me on this, but I feel like the SEC has actualy laws preventing these types of things from happening.

All joking aside though, in the instance that it can't be avoided, at what point does it become rude prioritize a game ahead of a loved one's big day?

Would you be offended if you knew someone chose not to attend your wedding because a big game was on? Would you miss a friend or family member's celebration to watch your favorite team face their rival? Do you think the bride was out of line for venting, or is her frustration justified?

Give us your thoughts, or similar stories in the comments below now!

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