DJ Gaudin is a skater from Lafayette. You probably have no idea who the kid is. Back in 2006, when a 13-year-old Gaudin walked into Sneaker Politics, store owner Derek Curry had no idea who he was either, but he saw that the mop-topped kid had a gift.

Curry invited DJ to ride for Sneaker Politics and also hooked him up with sponsorships that would send him gear and product flow. Not only did Curry help Gaudin to open doors and make connections with his talents, he also stressed the importance of education, making sure he stayed in line with his academics and eventually graduated from Lafayette High.

Fast forward to 2011 and DJ is now 19 and currently residing in San Francisco. He's been crashing on couches for the last year, (with help from Curry sending money and tees) and is finally starting to get noticed. Big skate companies are giving him product and inviting him to skate and hang with pros, like Omar Salazar-pro rider for Nike SB-that you can see in the video below.

DJ also gets to meet a lot of skaters who are just getting started out too. Like this one guy Lil Wayne, who has been showing up for late night sessions after his shows at skate spots all across the country. Recently, DJ had the chance to skate with Weezy at Double Rock, and Thrasher Magazine was there to catch it all on film.

Big props to DJ living his dream and representing us here down south (as you will see with the southern connection that he and Weezy had in the video below) from the crew at Hot 107.9!

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