Lafayette, we have a problem. I saw this post on Facebook last week and I couldn't agree more with the person who took this photo.

The photo shows a man standing at a bus stop in Lafayette while it storms. Notice there is no shelter for the man to get under while he waits for the bus.

I have personally seen families, older people, and kids standing at a bus stop in Lafayette while it rains, and they have no way to escape the elements. I hope Lafayette soon addresses this problem. And yes, this is a problem.

Those who utilize the bus service in town should not have to stand in the rain while they wait for the bus. Nor should they have to stand in the scorching heat during the summer months.

To be fair, there are some stops in Lafayette that do have canopies/benches for those waiting on the bus. However, I see more stops throughout the city without.

Come on Lafayette, we're better than this.

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