How good was this?

Last night on CBS' "Undercover Boss," the owners of the popular restaurant "Walk-On's"  went undercover to see what employees go through on a daily basis.

Well, one of the restaurants featured on the show was in Lafayette, La and we met the kitchen manager of the restaurant, Jessica Comeaux. 

She works nonstop in the kitchen and when she is done at "Walk-On's" Jessica cleans houses and even drives for Uber, just to make ends meet.

You see, Jessica has four kids, two of her own and two adopted kids. Jessica adopted two of sister's kids after she passed away.

It's not easy for Jessica and when the CEO of the company, Brandon Landry, found out about her situation he had a hard time holding back the tears.

Not wanting to lose Jessica and wanting her to spend time with her kids, Landry rewarded his manager with $40,000 and an improved kitchen at the restaurant.

Like Brandon, many of us got teary-eyed watching this. Jessica is so deserving. What a special moment.

Another restaurant featured on the show Wednesday night was in New Orleans and Drew Brees, who is part-owner of the company, went undercover in that location.


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