After leading authorities on a wild and dangerous chase around Las Vegas, a 40-year-old man has been arrested. Footage from a helicopter, dashboard cams, and body cameras of officers showed multiple carjackings, shootouts, and crashes as the man attempted to evade the law.


Reports say Las Vegas police officers were involved in a dangerous pursuit and shootout with an armed carjacker who led authorities on an extensive chase. The pursuit reportedly included multiple carjackings, shootouts with police, and crashes.

A helicopter followed the chase and captured the moments where the suspect shot at officers and even one victim of a failed carjacking.


Authorities had close encounters with the suspect, with reports saying both parties exchanged gunfire throughout the pursuit.

Video shows officers returning fire through their unit's windshield as the suspect continued to speed away.

Twitter via @ABC7
Twitter via @ABC7

After multiple armed carjackings and shootouts with authorities, the suspect eventually crashed head-on into a police K9 unit at 67 mph.

Reports add that the officer inside of the K9 unit was treated for minor injuries and the police dog named Boris was not injured in the crash.


Las Vegas Armed Carjacking, Shootouts with Police All Captured on Video

See the craziest parts of this police chase via @ABC7 on Twitter below.

Reports add that the suspect was not injured by gunfire in the incident and officers received minor injuries as a result of the crashes.

The suspect has reportedly been charged with attempted murder, attempted robbery, and felony evading, as well as robbery and assault charges from a previous incident.

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