If you are making last minute preparations for Hurricane Isaac, we want you to know that there are still supplies available in stores around Lafayette and surrounding areas. We have confirmed that some stores still have gas tanks, generators, batteries, water, and other supplies. We were at the Lowe's location on Ambassador Caffery and they have plenty of the supplies you may need. In addition to that location, other stores have called the station informing us of their stock. We encourage you all to be prepared and prepare for the worst. In the event you do not use the supplies for this storm, you will forever be prepared for any future storm that may threaten our area.


We have seen some gas stations in Lafayette with bags on their pumps indicating that they are out of gas. Still, there are plenty of other gas stations supplying their customers. Remember, don't panic and take your time as you move onto another location.

Hint, many of the stations we saw without gas supplies were the stations that seem to have the cheaper gasoline prices. Sure it would be nice to get the lowest possible prices around, yet we can't really afford to be selective at this point and time.The clock is ticking.




Now, if you are in need of sand bags for your home or business click HERE. Several communities in Acadiana are now supplying their citizens with bags and sand. The city of Lafayette now has four sites open now for sand bags and at many of the sites there are helpful hands for the elderly, the handicap, and those that maybe pregnant.

A Tropical Storm WARNING is in effect for all of Acadiana and a Hurricane WATCH is in effect for Lafayette, St. Martin, Vermilion, Iberia, and St. Mary parishes. Isaac is predicted to make landfall early Wednesday morning.

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