Last weekend I was introduced to a wonderful organization that I never knew existed, Icing Smiles. It's a non-profit organization that gets custom designed theme cakes to kids that are critically ill.  

Last Sunday, I took a ride to Ville Platte, LA to help deliver a cake from Piece of Cake, Lafayette to a young boy that has been diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome. This is a rare condition, a birth defect, that affects the abdominal wall of infants.

The young boy is a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and having known that, Icing Smiles made arrangements with Piece of Cake, Lafayette to get this beautiful theme cake to him. If you're wondering, yes the fish bowl and the fish are real!!!

I was not able to see the young boy's reaction when he first saw the cake, but I can tell you that his family was overwhelmed. This little boy, who has been through so much already, was given a birthday party that he will NEVER forget.

I want to applaud Icing Smiles for doing what they do, and take the time to salute Piece of Cake, Lafayette for donating this masterpiece. We need more organizations like Icing Smiles and more local businesses like Piece of Cake, Lafayette to help treat kids when they are down and out.

Believe me when I tell you, there is no better feeling in the world than making a kid's day and then seeing a family appreciate what you just did for their loved one. I hope the little boy enjoyed his cake, and I'm certain he'll take care of his new friend, the goldfish!!