Lil Wayne might be facing a major lawsuit as he and his entourage are under investigation by police for allegedly beating up a bystander. Alfredo Marino told TMZ that on May 3 he spotted Weezy and his crew skateboarding and asked him if he could get a picture. Wayne told him “No.”

As Marino returned to his car, he tried to get a quick photo. That’s when Wayne approached him and threatened to do bodily harm, stating, “Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf—ers are going to f— you up?”

After their verbal exchange, someone bashed Marino with a skateboard which knocked him down and left him bleeding from the head. Marino now claims he’s suffering from a concussion and vertigo. Marino has obtained a lawyer, Craig Chisivin, and he tells TMZ that he’s going to pursue legal action against the individuals responsible for the “outrageous” incident.

This isn’t the first time Wayne and his posse assaulted a civilian on the street. In April, Weezy got into a heated argument with a photographer who took a picture of him in Miami. The rapper’s friends intervened and allegedly pummeled the shutterbug.

The photographer claims that Wayne’s eight-man crew pushed him to the ground and spat on him, while another person smashed his bike with a skateboard. The man was able to escape and filed a report at the Miami Beach Police Station.

Lil Wayne has been mum on these alleged attacks. It’s safe to say that if you see Weezy skateboarding with his crew … proceed with caution.