He has to be sick.

Tom Brady threw for his 600th touchdown pass this weekend and the ball that he threw for the record-setting touchdown was given to a fan who was in attendance.

The touchdown pass was caught by Mike Evans and upon scoring, Evans gave the ball to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan (Byron Kennedy).

At the time. Evans was not aware of the record-setting touchdown, thus he just gave the ball away to a lucky fan.

Well, as it would be, officials with the Bucs made their way to the fan who had the ball in his possession and asked if he'd give it back. After a brief discussion, the fan handed the ball back over to the team so that it could be given to Brady.

What the fan did not know at the time was that the football he gave back to the team is estimated to be worth millions of dollars. The record-setting ball is estimated to be worth a minimum of $500,000.

So what was promised to the fan by the team? Reports are that the Bucs offered the fan $1,000 credit in the team's souvenir shop. Yes, for a piece of NFL history, this guy is getting a credit in a souvenir shop!

Now, Brady did say in his postgame presser that he would make sure the fan gets a helmet and jerseys, but that doesn't come close to what he could have got for the ball had he kept it.

As to be predicted, now everyone is asking if the guy should have given the ball back. As a football fan, I too probably would have given the ball back---not knowing what it may be worth.

This poor guy has to be sick today knowing what he just gave back. But hey, at least he has that store credit, right?

So now that you know the story behind the infamous ball, let's meet the fan, Byron Kennedy, who decided to give the ball back to Brady and the Bucs. Check out what he had to say about the decision the may have cost him MILLIONS.

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