Well, well, well, this is very interesting. After Lil Wayne lyrically thrashed Pusha T on ‘Goulish,’ he comes back with a bouncy new track called ‘My Homies Still,’ which features none other than fellow G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean. WTF?

‘My Homies Still’ is Wayne’s first single from his upcoming album ‘I Am Not a Human Being 2.’ Produced by STREETRUNNER and Saron, the song resembles the chaotic 808-drumming found on Big Sean’s 2011 joint, ‘Dance (A$$).’ In fact, Wayne using the same ‘Go Stupid’ hook from the aforementioned song.

Big Sean goes dumb on the track, spitting rhymes like, “I’m gettin’ paid / It’s Oprah time / I’m rollin’ pine, I’m so divine / I’m westside, westside / Dark glasses on like I’m going blind / Looking like Eazy-E / It’s just me and Lil Weezy Wee.”

Meanwhile, Wayne spits fast and heavy throughout and drops several punchlines. “I got that Trukfit T-shirt / Listening to ‘Rebirth’ / I skate until my feet hurt / Hot boy, free Turk,” he raps.

Clearly, this song is going to put Big Sean in an awkward position in regards to Wayne and Pusha T’s lyrical feud. However, Young Money president Mack Maine told MTV RapFix that he has no plans of removing Big Sean from the single. “That was a great song that was made before that situation happened, and I’m not ’bout to go into the studio and tell Wayne to take [Big Sean] off,” he says. “Wayne not [tryin' to] take him off — he’s good peeps, he’s fam.”

Although Weezy doesn’t take any shots at G.O.O.D. Music on ‘My Homies Still,’ it would be interesting to see how Pusha T feels about this collaboration. The saga continues …

Lil Wayne’s album ‘I Am Not a Human Being 2′ is scheduled for release this summer.

Listen to Lil Wayne, ‘My Homies Still’ Featuring Big Sean

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