A week after Linda Lee abruptly closed its doors, brides are still searching for answers from the Metairie dress shop.

Linda Lee's unannounced closing left many brides without their dresses and their wedding plans hanging in the balance. Some of the brides and their family members have camped out at the store waiting to find someone who could give them answers.

Understandably, the majority of the brides affected by this sudden closure are frustrated, angry, worried and demanding some type of explanation—or at least their dresses.

After hearing about the shop closing, complete strangers reached out to the affected brides, offering up wedding dresses as well as bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Soon, a dress swap was organized at a local shop in uptown New Orleans.

Yesterday the owner's husband showed up at the store giving some of the customers dresses and shed a little light on the store's abrupt closing. WWL-TV caught up with Jeannette Soldani, the mother of one of the brides, who repeated what had been told to her.

He just said his wife was in a coma, and all he knew was that they were doing a liquidation. I got my mom's dress but he said he had to go through some kind of liquidation in order to sell things so they could get the money to give customers full refunds. But he couldn't put anything in writing and couldn't give me exact dates on anything. I feel good at least to have my mom's dress. it's the $3,000 she spent on my dress that's still up in the air, and my bridesmaids dresses.

WWL knocked on the door after learning the owner's husband was inside, but he declined to appear on camera. He did say he was trying his best to make each customer happy.

All I'm trying to do is give these girls their dresses. I'm the husband, my wife is in the hospital still, extremely sick. I'm giving people their property right now, and if their dress isn't here, I'm giving them a dress.

Some appreciated his efforts, but others are still demanding answers. The biggest complaint is that Linda Lee hasn't released a statement or anything at all related to the store suddenly closing its doors.

Nobody has said anything. I understand that people get sick, that things happen, but somebody needs to say something because there's way too many upset brides and we don't know what to do.

According to WWL, there are brides and many other customers who are in need of dresses. Those who have been affected are encouraged to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office.

At the time of this post, over 20 complaints have already been filed.

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