As Acadiana and much of South Louisiana anxiously awaits the first cool front of the season, we are already prepping to do a few things. For one, we can't wait to cook the first gumbo of the season.

The minute we hear cool front or cold front for the region we rush to the nearest grocery store to get all the ingredients we need for that perfect gumbo.

I dare say that it will be rather difficult to find a hen or fryer in a store this weekend. I don't have percentages, but I'd bet the house that 20-30% of all people in south Louisiana will be cooking something this weekend that requires roux.

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Next, most of us will be taking out winter clothes. We wait 6-7 months throughout the year to wear winter clothes. Thus, when the slightest opportunity arises, we take FULL advantage of it.

Don't believe me? Watch how many people in Acadiana will be wearing long sleeve tees this weekend as the first cool front passes through. Some may even go a step further and beak out the jackets. And that's not an exaggeration.

We have such a brutal summer in south Louisiana we can't wait for the cooler temperatures as it allows us to alter our clothing style.

Bring out the boots with fur!!

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Sure, we all drink coffee year around, but as soon as that cool front comes through the area, the lines at your local drive-thru coffee shops get longer. People in Acadiana will rush to their nearest coffee shop and drink "Pumpkin Spice" coffee like it's going out of style. Basic much?

I'd love to see the spike in sales as the first cool front comes through the region. I bet coffee shops wait for this week or weekend all year long.

Let the temperature drop below 60-degrees in south Louisiana and we will drain coffee shops.

But hey, it's good for business. Right?

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Something else we can't wait to do here as a cool front approaches is light a fire outdoors. Wood sales are about to go through the roof here.

A good north wind with cooler temperatures is the PERFECT condition for a "fire out back." Not only will sales for firewood soon spike here, but so too will sales for fire pits.

People in south Louisiana love cooler weather, but more than that, we love a fire out back. Mix in a few adult beverages, your favorite music, and a fire---DONE!!

It's coming.

Holiday Shopping Season Just Around The Corner
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Lastly, as soon as the temperatures drop and the humidity percentages fall we go into holiday mode. Yes, we get excited for Halloween and all, but a lot of people here go straight into the Christmas spirit .

I saw someone say on social media this week that she couldn't wait for the cooler temps. because that was her sign to get the tree out of the attic.

We LOVE holiday seasons here and I'm fine with that. So while some of you may be cooking a gumbo this weekend, other's will taking the tree out of the attic or closet.

After all, a nice cool front in Acadiana means only one thing---let's light the tree.

Enjoy this cool front for the next few days. This past summer was HOT!!! We deserve a break from the heat and I anticipate that we will all use it our advantage.

Oh, one more thing. Let's leave the boots with fur in the closest for just a few more months.

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