Sophia Cahill wasn't the only nude model to take the runway at the Robyn Coles' show for the  London Fashion Week, but she was the only nude model to take the runway while pregnant. The former Miss Wales model is eight months pregnant and only had a green hat on while she strutted down the runway at the recent show.The show's organizer said that the decision to allow Cahill to take the runway nude while pregnant was an easy decision. Coles said the decision was based on two things: attract attention as a new designer and show the world that anyone can wear hats.


This isn't the first time pregnant models take the runway while in the nude. It has happened before at the New York City's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. A model by the name of Lauren Jimeson walked the runway nude in New York when she was 37 weeks pregnant. Sh admitted that the experience was nerve racking at first, but once she got onto the runway, she was as confident as ever before.

What do you think of this? Classy or Not?!?!?

Here are photos of Cahill on the runway courtesy of NSFW Photos


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