If there is one thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us it is this. Expect the unexpected. Of the unexpected things we've encountered during these pandemic times, shortages whether real or manmade have certainly become a thing.

I think we all recall the mad rush for toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic. Then there was a shortage of wipes and disinfectants. Then things really started to get strange. There was a shortage of lumber that caused wood prices to skyrocket. There were also reports of meat shortages and chlorine shortages for swimming pools too. All were being blamed, rightly or not, on the coronavirus pandemic.

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Well, there is now another shortage that might make all of those previous shortages pale in comparison. There is a shortage of parts needed to repair and replace air conditioners. Somebody cue up the ominous and foreboding music. Yeah, if your air conditioning system breaks it might take a long time to get it up and running.

HVAC specialists from across South Louisiana and the country for that matter have been dealing with shortages of copper, steel, and ductwork for several months now. The shortage is quickly becoming critical since so many parts of the nation have been under an intense heatwave.

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Some HVAC contractors in the state say they have been feeling the effects of the shortage since last winter. However, the current heatwave has really ramped up the demand for raw materials and for complete A/C units too. One contractor in the Lake Charles area told KPLC Television that ductwork is taking almost 25 weeks to be delivered to area contractors. That's more than six months y'all.

As you might imagine the scarcity of raw materials combined with production delays caused by COVID related work stoppages and slow downs really has the industry in a bind. That means you're really going to want to take care of your current A/C system.

Almost all of these can be done by you without the aid of a professional service contractor. However, when it comes to the tricky work we always suggest that you contact a local expert who knows your system and the demands that life in South Louisiana places on it.

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