What's something that you haven't seen in Louisiana? Become a tourist in your own state.

WWL TV in New Orleans asked the question: What's on your Louisiana bucket list? What's something that you haven't seen in Louisiana ?

This question was asked to the New Orleans metro area and amazingly the top of the list were things that the people of Acadiana have in their own back yard! For instance:

Number one on the Louisiana bucket list was a tour of the Atchafalaya Basin..crazy right? Only because it's in our back yard.

Larry Arcement/Facebook
Larry Arcement/Facebook

Here are some other things that made the top of the list:

  • Saturday Morning at Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge
  • Cafe Des Amis/Facebook
    Cafe Des Amis/Facebook
  • Boudin and Beer for breakfast at Fred's in Mamou
  • Freds Lounge /Facebook
    Freds Lounge /Facebook
  • Eat out of a brown paper sack full of Best Stop cracklins in your car
  • Best Stop in Scott.com
    Best Stop in Scott.com
  • Listen to bands from hundreds of different countries all in one week-long party called Festival International in Lafayette
  • Festival International (festivalinternational.com)
    Festival International (festivalinternational.com)
  • You can see the actual list by CLICKING HERE
  • This list is crazy to people in Acadiana, but to some people in New Orleans they've never seen or even heard of these things. I know because I was the same way when I moved to Lafayette from New Orleans. I had never eaten cracklin or boudin. I had never been to a Cajuns football game. Believe it or not, I had never seen a crawfish farm or even knew how the crawfish were caught. I fell in love with Acadiana Zydeco, and yes, it's different than the Zydeco in New Orleans. I couldn't even tell you where UL was located. That's a shame.

    Since I've moved here I've done everything on the list above and I proudly wear UL gear. I'm not an official "Cajun" yet, I'm still a "YAT." Well, that's what they call me here in Lafayette, and I'm ok wit dat!

    Here's another thing when I moved here, I found out a lot of people have never been to a Saints game! I was shocked... I've never met anyone that hasn't been to a Saints game! I have season tickets and I took people and even sold my tickets to people from Acadiana to see it for the 1st time.

    Everyone that comes to visit me from New Orleans are amazed how beautiful this area is. I was shocked too. That's in no disrespect to Lafayette. I just didn't know. Now everyone I know that comes here calls Lafayette a "Big A** Metairie" and they love it here. They always want to come visit me now! LOL!!

    So to wrap this up, I ask YOU whats something that's on your Louisiana bucket list? What's something that you've never seen in Louisiana that you would want to see or even something you would want to do?

    Ill start the list,

  • I want to see the chicken run on Mardi Gras day
  • I would love to see a real Cajun outdoor outing, I'm talking Pig Roast and Zydeco baby!
  • Go Crawfish fishing at a crawfish farm 
    Larry Arcment/Facebook
    Larry Arcment/Facebook

    If there is something you think I should see, lemme know!  Speedy@1079ishot.com that's my email!

    Now start your list and be a tourist in your own state.

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