State Treasurer John Schroder is encouraging residents to check for their names in local newspapers across Louisiana.

The Louisiana Department of Treasury has published the names of 62,000+ people across Louisiana who are owed more than $44 million. The names were published in today's paper (Oct. 25) and "include those whose unclaimed property items were received from September 2021 through August 2022."

The list does not include any items from past years.

If you do want to check to see if your name is on the recent list, you can check the State Treasury website here.

The website also features a database of the unclaimed property going all the way back to 1972.

According to KSLA, the Louisiana Department of Treasury is responsible for returning this money to its citizens.

whether it was ten days or ten years ago, this is your money, and they will hold on to it for you until you claim it.

KSLA lists common examples of unclaimed property as:

  • unpaid life insurance benefits
  • forgotten bank accounts
  • uncashed payroll checks
  • stock dividends
  • utility deposit refunds

When businesses can't locate the owners of unclaimed money, Louisiana law requires them to report those funds to the State Treasury. A similar process applies to uncashed checks, dormant accounts, and other instances when companies can't track down the owners of unclaimed funds.

When checks are not cashed, accounts go dormant, or the company cannot locate the owner, the funds are sent to the Treasury for safekeeping until the money can be returned to the appropriate owners.

Once funds are reported, the Louisiana State Treasury is required to annually publish the names of those people they received unclaimed property from.

See if your name is on the list here.

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