The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is handling a particularly unusual case.

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WBRZ reported that deputies were called Friday morning about locating a child who had run away from home. At some point in every child's life, they don't get their way and decide that the solution is to pack a backpack and leave home. To go where? Who knows, in search of a better life maybe.

So, it all started when a youngster decided to embark on an adventure, leaving home in search of a new life, We've all been there

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Deputies had no trouble locating the child that was reported as a runaway. When deputies approached the child, they noticed he had someone else tagging along for the short-lived adventure. Stuffed inside his blue Poke-e-mon backpack was a rooster.


Not a stuffed animal. An living, breathing rooster. Now what possessed this child to snatch someones rooster, we have no idea, but the good news is everyone seems to be in good spirits. Well, the rooster is slightly confused as to why he was kidnapped from his home, but he's okay.

Apparently, this rooster was not a family pet. For someone else, but not for the child or his family. SMPSO deputies reported that he was 'a bit shaken up', the rooster that is, but overall he seemed to be alright. Deputies also took it upon themselves to name the runaway rooster 'Ole Foghorn'.

Now they are hoping that through the power of social media they can locate Ole Foghorn's family.

We may not know where this poor rooster came from, but we know one thing. This will make a great story one day when the boy grows up.

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