The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is currently the winner of the internet. They simply would like to find the owner of some stuff they have in their lost and found bin.

Oh, that "stuff" is: marijuana, synthetic weed, meth, a digital scale, and a "big ole jar."

On Tuesday, St. Mary Parish deputies found the above-mentioned items in the woods near Friendship Alley in the community of Amelia.

The sheriff's office decided a little humor was in order in their search for getting the responsible party to step up and claim their items. And what better forum for a little tongue-in-cheek than social media.

So yesterday, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Facebook page posted a gem. It started:

"Gee, ya gotta hate it when stuff ya need comes up missing. The frustration of looking everywhere you can remember that you might have put your stuff and it just seems to be nowhere... Yes, we have all been there.  SO, we wanna help somebody out."

The post then proceeded to describe all the items found:

"Weed, synthetic weed, meth, a cool digital scale (those things really come in handy for weighing portions of food and other such things...a "must" for every household), and a brown smokey colored big 'ole jar. (Just think of how many peach preserves could be packed into a big ole jar that size!!)"

And then they brought it all home with a call for action. Yeah, they really want someone to claim their missing items. (How epic would that be if someone actually showed up!)

"We are quite certain that someone is really missing these important items. Well, dry those tears, my friend. WE HAVE YOUR STUFF!! 

But seriously, if you want to claim your "big 'ole jar of fun," simply call deputies at 985-702-1835.

The post wrapped up with:

"Note: Just in case the person who had this stuff is shy and doesn't want to call, feel free to call if you know who all this belongs to... be a good neighbor. Just sayin'."

We'll keep tabs on this developing story and let y'all know the minute some jackwagon shows up at the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office to pick up their lost merchandise.

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