A doctor who specializes in cardiac care with LSU Health in New Orleans is shedding some light on what might have happened to Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin during Monday night's NFL matchup with Cincinnati. Dr. Jameel Ahmed is a cardiac electrophysiologist and he explained to the Louisiana Radio Network that Hamlin's injury should be a real concern to anyone who plays contact sports.

Ali Hajiluyi via Unsplash.com
Ali Hajiluyi via Unsplash.com

Dr. Ahmed described a scenario known to medical professionals as commotio cordis. He explained commotio cordis this way, basically, the condition occurs when the chest and heart area receives blunt trauma at a particular time during the cardiac cycle. This trauma can actually lead to the heart going into an electrical arrhythmia.

This video is not from Dr. Ahmed but it does a very concise job of explaining the situation.

If you saw the play involving Hamlin live or perhaps saw a replay you can clearly see the Buffalo Safety did take an impact to the chest area. However, we should be quick to clarify that none of Hamlin's medical team have listed commotio cordis as an official cause of what happened on the field Monday night.

Dr. Ahmed was quick to praise the responsiveness of NFL and stadium medical personnel in Hamlin's case. He suggested in comments made to the Louisiana Radio Network that the medical team's swift reaction and response should add to Hamlin's chances of a favorable prognosis and outcome.

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Hamlin's Uncle told an ESPN reporter that the NFL star remained sedated but was "improving from where was yesterday". Meanwhile, Hamlin's agent Ron Butler told the sports network that Hamlin's oxygen levels have improved. Hamlin remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and updates on his condition are expected to be released later today.

The NFL has not announced plans to finish the game between Buffalo and Cincinnati. That game was suspended when Hamlin was injured. The NFL did say that the week 18 slate of games would go on as scheduled. However, the NFL Hall of Fame did announce, out of respect for Hamlin, that they would postpone their announcement of the 15 modern-era finalists for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. That announcement is now scheduled to be released tonight at 7 pm Louisiana time.

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