A Louisiana man is facing charges after allegedly shooting his hunting dog because it wouldn't retrieve.

According to KLFY, Dustin James Coker of Haughton was on a hunting trip in New Mexico with his 3-year-old lab Gypsy and a hunting companion.

After Gypsy would not retrieve 3 ducks that Coker downed, Coker turned his gun on the dog and shot it twice.

Coker's hunting companion pulled the dog from the water and, because the dog's wounds were so severe, used his gun to put the dog out of its misery.

According to the story, a concerned citizen has started a social media blitz in efforts of getting the story out and encouraging a maximum sentence and fine (18 months in jail; $5000).

The concerned citizen has also sent out almost 200 flyers in Coker's neighborhood, in efforts of warning the community of Coker's actions that show he is a "violent, twisted and inhumane person". The flyer also suggests that Coker is a Minden football coach.

The incident occurred in January of this year, and the case is still pending in the New Mexico court system. A Twitter account has been set up @justice4gypsy to provide updates on the case.

I have a gut feeling that, if I were to read that Twitter feed, there would be little to no sympathy for Coker.

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