Brandon Gravois admits he waited too long to try to make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, so, he did the next...

Posted by WWLTV on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When there are no available restaurants for Valentine's Day, you do what you gotta do to keep your date happy.

Brandon Gravois of Marrero La. did the unthinkable and forgot to make reservations for Valentine's Day. If you've ever tried to make reservations last minute for V-Day you already know you better hit up Rouse's grocery and buy some steaks and cook at home. It's nearly impossible to get into a restaurant on the busiest day of the year.

Gravois had two options, cook at home or try his hardest to eat at a restaurant.

So what does Gravois do? He takes his date, Corin, to Taco Bell of course.  LOL!!

He called ahead and asked Taco Bell's manager on Lapalco Blvd (on the West Bank) if he could pull this off. They said 'YES' come on by. We will have a table reserved for you.

So Gravois stopped and purchased a white table cloth, some dinnerware and candles. He even brought some wine. Hey, there is nothing that says LOVE like 'tacos and wine."

When he arrived, the workers greeted them with smiles and showed them to their reserved table. The Taco Bell workers even came to the table, took their order and served them.

The crew was thankful for the change of pace.

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