Last week, we reported that authorities were investigating an intense sexual and physical abuse case involving a Thibodaux teen that was uncovered after a car accident.

Police arrested the 15 year old's mother and her boyfriend at the scene of the accident in Baytown Texas after seeing that the child had severe injuries not sustained from the accident. Police say she was not only sexually abused but set on fire and shot more than once.

The Family is Focused on Recovery

Now the focus has moved to the victims realtivies who are stepping up to make sure the 15 year old has the support she needs to make a full recovery, physically and emotionally.

When Timothy Johnson and his wife LaTricia Johnson first received the call from the Houston hospital and Child Protective Services they thought it was a 'sick joke' and hung up the phone. They soon discovered it was far from a prank.

The couple now knows that she escaped from 'a house of horrors'. They explained that communication slowed until it was completely cut off. They are now reunited, even if it is under the worst circumstances.

According to WAFB The doctor warned Johnson before entering the victim's hospital room to 'brace' herself before walking in.

I walked in the room. I fell. My sister and the nurse had to try to grab me

They learned that she was 'sexually assaulted for months in a Terrebonne Parish trailer' where she was also set on fire, shot in the face, and chest. La Tricia Johnson goes on to explain what was going through her mind once she saw her relative.

She looked dead. I don’t know how to feel. I feel confused. I’m hurt. I’m angry.

At that point, it went from shocked and confused to devastated and hurt. And why?

Teen Wants To Become An Attorney And Mentor Children Who Were Abused

Despite the teen recovering from her intense injuries, she is ready to go home and says she 'feels so free.' She has dreams of helping children who are 'stuck in the cycle of abuse' by becoming an attorney and mentor.

The teen is set to undergo surgery to repair her palate and mouth, along with several other intense surgeries; however, the Johnsons explain that she is 'permanently disfigured, has lost multiple teeth, had an eye surgically removed, and underwent multiple skin graft procedures.'


The family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover the medical bills that are quickly adding up everyday.

She will eventually be moved to a children's hospital closer to her home, and the Johnsons are thankful for the support the teen has received from the community.

Tamyra is a 15-year-old bright, fun, loving sweetheart who was a dancer, cheerleader, basketball and volleyball player who in recent months became the victim of abuse and torture at the hands of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Tamyra was shot in the head, chest, and set on fire, and was sexually assaulted multiple times at the hands of the people who were supposed to love her the most. Due to these horrible events, she has been permanently disfigured and needs numerous surgeries. She has lost her eye, she has undergone lengthy skin graft procedures and will need more, she has an upcoming surgery to repair her palate and mouth, and have many more upcoming surgeries to help repair the physical damage that has been done.
She will also need a lot of therapy to repair all of the mental and emotional damage she has. Currently, she is receiving treatment in an out-of-state hospital away from her hometown and she is recovering well and staying in good spirits despite the circumstances. Please continue to keep Tamyra in your prayers as her journey to recovery is only beginning. We appreciate anything you can donate and welcome all prayers as they are most definitely needed throughout this process. We will continue to give everyone updates on her journey. Once again, thank you all so much!
Funds will be used to help with the cost of prosthetic eye, dental work, and other medical cost not covered by insurance due to being listed as cosmetic procedures, and additional legal fees

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